Interlectric Corporation has the most experience selling tanning lamps direct to salons. We have the widest selection of tanning lamps in the industry.

Interlectric is one of the largest independent manufacturers of fluorescent lamps in the World, producing all its lamps in the U.S.A. We are dedicated to producing quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

We can help your salon gain a competitive edge by providing you with our quality, unique phosphor-blended lamps and state-of-the-art lighting technologies at a fair price.

Interlectric has the lamps you need!

Tanning Lamps

Interlectric Corporation has the most experience selling tanning lamps direct to salons. We have the widest selection of tannng lamps in the industry.

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Compatibility Puzzle


Interlectric is compatible with over 250 lamps in the industry and is registered as equivalent in compliance with the Federal Performance Standard 21CFR 1040.20.

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Instant Results and Bronzing Lamps

Bronzing and Instant Results

Our unique phosphor combinations give you a choice of fast bronzing action with little reddening or instant result lamps that redden initially and bronze overnight. Choose from 9-30 minute tan times with perfect lamps to produce color for all clients. To here more about all the lamps we offer, click here or call 1-800-722-2184

Unique Salon Lighting

Unique Salon Lighting

You can add to your salon’s ambiance by choosing any specialty lamp available from Interlectric Corporation’s general lighting division. See for yourself what a difference specialized lighting can make! To find out more, click here or call 1-800-722-2184

Low-Cost Shipping

Our own shipping fleet enhances our ability to serve our customers by virtually eliminating breakage and lost shipments. We offer the option using our fleet to SAFELY deliver lamps in 32 states for a flat rate. (Minimum order of 36 lamps.) Orders of 300 lamps or more are SHIPPED FREE!

We also ship via UPS with “Approved Packaging” and common carrier (to which significant discounts apply).

Eco-Friendly Recycling Kits


At Interlectric, we believe in protecting the environment through conservation and recycling. With Interlectric’s new Recycling Kits, Mercury is safely collected from old lamps ensuring the Mercury never pollutes the environment.


LCS Technology

Black ends are one of the biggest issues salon owners deal with when using vho tanning lamps.  That’s why Interlectric developed LCS Technology to significantly reduce “Black Ends” on Tanning VHO Lamps.