Flat Panel LEDs Interlectric Office Ceiling

Flat Panel LEDs Interlectric

– Ideal for office lighting
– Ultra thin design for low profile dropped/suspended ceiling – Common sizes (sq. ft): 2×2, 2×4, 1×4, 1×2
– No Mercury
– Combination of fixture and lamp for convenient installation
Colors:  Neutral White (4500K) ,  Daylight (5500K)


Flat Panel LEDs Interlectric Dimensions


Ordering CodeSize (ftxft)VoltageWattageCCT (K)Initial LumenLED Type
9060023-0022×112/24 Vdc2445001600SMD
9060023-0042×112/24 Vdc2455001600SMD
9060023-0012×212/24 Vdc2445001600SMD
9060023-0032×212/24 Vdc2455001600SMD
9060047-0024×112/24 Vdc4845003200SMD
9060047-0044×112/24 Vdc4855003200SMD
9060047-0014×212/24 Vdc4845003200SMD
9060047-0034×212/24 Vdc4855003200SMD

*Average Rated Life 40,000 hrs

Ordering Description

Flat Panel LEDs Interlectric Ordering Description

Power Supply

LED Power Supply Interlectric

Using external UL Class 2 power supply, one power supply is need per unit

MW-LPC-35: Constant Current, 9-48V, 1050mA

MW-LPC-60: Constant Current, 9-48V, 1400mA


Flat Panel LEDs Interlectric Color Temperature RoHS Compliant Energy Star Partner